Parts of Lathe machine

hello friend i am back with anther new post in this post i giving the knowledge about the what are the type of parts will be use in the lathe machine and diagram with the application of the lathe parts so read the full article here i am start the article.

Parts of Lathe machine with diagarm and work

here is the first of all i am shown the diagram of lathe machine and the parts.

                          Figure 1 – Parts of lathe machine

Bed: The bed is a heavy, rugged casting on which the working parts are mounted. It carries the headstock and tail stock for supporting
the work piece and provides a base for the movement of carriage assembly which carries the tool.

Guide ways: Guide ways are present on the bed. As its name indicates it
is used to guide the tail stock and carriage. The tailstock and carriage,
slides over the guide ways. It is an inverted V.

Legs: The legs carry the entire load of machine and are firmly secured to floor by foundation bolts.
Headstock: The headstock is clamped on the left-hand side of the bed and it serves as housing for the driving pulleys, back gears, headstock spindle, live centre and the feed reverse gear.
Main Spindle: The headstock spindle is a hollow cylindrical shaft that provides a drive from the motor to work holding devices. 
This part of the lathe machine is used to hold cylindrical work piece within it. It is a
hollow shaft on which the chuck is mounted.
Chuck: It is that part of lathe machine which is used to hold the work piece. It is attached to the main spindle of the headstock.
It rotates with the spindle and rotates the work piece. In the lathe machine we generally use three jaw or four jaw check. 
The three jaw of the threejaw chuck is made to move simultaneously but the jaws of the four-jaw
chuck moves independently.
Feed Selector: It is used to select the direction of the feed i.e. whether
we want to move the tool from left to right or right to left. Feed
selector is present on the headstock.
Gear Box: Gearboxes are used to obtain variable speed and torque to the headstock spindle in lathes according to the work done. 
The quick-change gearbox is placed below the headstock and contains several different sized gears.

Figure 1.2 – Gear Box

Carriage: The carriage is located between the headstock and tail stock and serves the purpose of supporting, guiding and feeding the tool against the job during operation.

 The main parts of carriage are:

The saddle: is an H-shaped casting mounted on the top of lathe ways. 
It provides support to cross-slide, compound rest and tool post.

The cross slide: is mounted on the top of saddle, and it provides a mounted or automatic cross movement for the cutting tool.

The compound rest: is fitted on the top of cross slide and is used to support the tool post and the cutting tool.

The tool post: is mounted on the compound rest, and it rigidly clamps the cutting tool or tool holder at the proper height relative to the work center line.

 The apron: is fastened to the saddle and it houses the gears, clutches and levers required to move the carriage or cross slide. 
The engagement of split nut lever and the automatic feed lever at the same time is prevented she carriage along the lathe bed.

Figure 1.3 – Apron

Lead Screw: Lead screw is situated at the bottom side of bed which is used to
move the carriage automatically during thread cutting.
Feed Rod: It is used to move the carriage from left to right and vice versa.
Hand Wheel: It is the wheel which is operated by hand to move cross slide, carriage, tailstock and other parts which has hand wheel.
Tailstock: The tailstock is a movable casting located on the opposite end of headstock on the carriage guide ways of the bed. The tailstock can slide along the bed to accommodate different lengths of workpiece between the centers.
A tailstock clamp is provided to lock the tailstock at any desired position. The tailstock spindle has an internal taper to hold the dead centre and the tapered shank tools such as reamers and drills.
Chips pan: Chips pan is placed lower side of bed. The main function of it is to carry all chips removed by the work piece.

Figure 1.4 – Chip Pan

Steady Rest: Clamped to the lathe ways it uses adjustable fingers to contact the work piece and align it. It can be used in the place of tailstock or in the middle to support ling or unstable parts being machined.

Figure 1.5 – Steady Rest

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