There is a question which a lot of aspirants have been asking me for a very long time. There is a question which a lot of aspirants have been asking me for a very long time.

In this blog article, I will be answering that. I want you to read this article till the end.

It will give you a better approach to your exam preparations. Most of the aspirants start exam preparation feeling highly motivated but their energy level falls flat in a few days.

They are found resting on their bed after a few days.

And even if they stay motivated for few days, then they need the motivation to continue.

In such competition in UPSC,GPSC,ISRO,GATE,BRAC,DRDO they cannot afford to take a break or rest for a few days.

We all know that GATE preparation should be kept continuous But without motivation, how to handle yourself and how to keep yourself motivated.

I am telling this again to read this article till the end to learn something new.

Look Whenever you search motivation elsewhere when preparing for GATE and other competitive examination you will hear some general tips, like read motivational quotes, think about the end result and ultimate benefits.

These are some common tips which you can also think yourself as an adult. I am NOT going to share them in this article.

I will tell something more effective as compared to all these tips.

Look Whenever you feel demotivated towards preparation, observe your parents.

Observe the hard work they are doing with so much sincerity, discipline and dedication.

Let’s say, your father is looking after works outside home and mother is looking after works inside the home.

Then see that from the last 25-30 years, your parents are cooking food for you, cleaning the home, going to the office almost daily, and doing a lot of monotonous activities which are required to run the family since last so many years without saying that they are not feeling motivated to do it.

I am sure your mother never said that I don’t want to cook today or I want to clean the house today because I am not feeling motivated to do it.

I am sure that your father never said that I am not feeling motivated to work today and I don’t care if the salary comes or not. I am sure none of your parents would have said this ever.

Imagine! They are doing the almost the same work DAILY since last 25-30 years!

without ever saying that they are not feeling motivated.

Now compare your work with the work that your parents have to do.

What you have to do is you have to read very interesting topics

and concepts for 6 months, 1 year, may be 2 years to crack an exam.

You are learning very interesting concepts and theories.

In that also you are complaining that I don’t feel motivated to do it.

Now you compare your attitude with the attitude of your parents.

And observe that how much you need to learn from them.

Let me give you one more example.

Observe the small vendors that you see around some of them are delivering milk, some of them are selling vegetables, some of them are picking up garbage, and some of them are selling tea.

Observe them how regular and disciplined they are in their work.

Do you think they ever say that I don’t feel motivated to do this job?

Irrespective of the situation or weather, you will find them doing their work.

They are doing search work for years without saying that they are not feeling motivated.

Even when they are not getting a good return from that work. If we compare the return that you will get after to the return that they are getting than their returns are nothing. 

Still, they are doing it regularly with discipline. 

So are you even less disciplined than those guys?

You are about to write an exam which is going to have a magnificent return which can practically change your and your family’s life but for that also you are asking for motivation?

So whenever you are talking to your parents whenever you are passing through the street and watching such vendors, then think what I just told you. In case if you are not mature enough then maybe you will realize this after 3 or 5 years. 

But always keep this in mind that your parents are working so hard since so many years.

The hard work that you are expected to do is nothing in comparison to their work. You are talking to them daily,

I am sure you can get motivated from them.

You can get motivated from these regular and disciplined vendors which I talked about

Suppose you went to India Gate just to roam around and some balloon vendor comes there you will just ignore him or you will just make fun of him and you will want what you observe him he is coming there daily to sell balloons which he doesn’t even know whether anyone will buy or not but still he is coming there daily and asking everyone to buy without feeling demotivated. Look at how self-driven and disciplined.

 he is your situation worse than his? Whenever you get demotivated compare your hard work with the hard work of your parents and these small vendors.

then you will understand that the hard work you are doing is nothing but just a small part of life – to prepare for any examination by doing hard work for 1 to 1 and a half years and clear that exam.

And Still, I understand that while in-between preparations, there will be times when you get demotivated or feel like taking rest and sometimes it’s ok to do that, but if you get these feelings frequently in every week or every 10 days,

then let me tell you one thing that – Vehicle is not driven by strokes of wind, pushing it repeatedly.

It runs by self-driven engine. Discipline is a very important characteristic.

Whenever you hear the word discipline, generally you will think something negative in your mind but thinking like that is not your fault as our schooling system is like that it has interposed the negative meaning of discipline in our mind. for examples cut your nails, keep your hairs short, be in proper uniform, keep quiet in the classroom, do not have fun – all these are considered to be a discipline which you all have heard in schools and if someone has long hair he/she will be considered in disciplined, so in general, discipline- this word has been misused in our schools so much that we never really understand its real meaning but the truth is that discipline is very different from all these things and if you are disciplined than it is far way better than being motivated because discipline means that if you are demotivated or you do not have the courage or you lack energy and tired but still, you will do the work expected from you ANYHOW.

Because today or after some time you will get something very good from it.

And not because of you being motivated or you feel more energetic today so you studied continuously for two days and after four days you are again in

that same endless cycle where you need a push so you will watch a YouTube video about motivation and get pumped and then study for a while. But how long can you do this? Let’s suppose you have cleared the exam in 6 months or 1 year by pushing yourself to be motivated but life doesn’t work this way.

If you get married in the future and then you say that I have to spend my life with only one person and I am not feeling motivated and now I have to talk and live with that person for years, but I am not feeling motivated.

So, do you think life will work in the right way? No, it will not. You can look around and see people are taking care of their health. Right now you are comparatively young so you don’t think about it but after some years when you start caring about your health then again you will be saved by self-discipline not by motivation. 

You must have seen fit people are very much disciplined about their eating habits, sleeping schedules and the exact time where they have to exercise daily in the morning. If you compare that to your 1 or more than one-year studies which you have to do by being motivated is nothing. For years, 

you have to be in the discipline in what you eat or how you keep maintaining that. Right now you don’t realize that but after some time you will realize that. That’s why I am saying that being motivated and constantly feeling that I should be motivated is rather a bad habit. So, you should try to be in discipline. 

Be regular in preparations. Do not do that you prepare fiercely for a few days and then take a rest for a few days and start studying again. This is not a great strategy. 

I am not saying that it doesn’t work, maybe it works in 6 months or for a year, but this is not an effective method. so this question 

How to keep myself motivated? So many people have asked this question from me, so if they feel a lack of motivation sometimes like once in 4 months then it is alright.

 There are motivational quotes, read motivational stories, you can think about the end result – these are the general methods to be motivated.

 You can follow them.  But if you think that you need motivation every month or week, then you have to think very seriously about your habits and need to change them you also need to understand that self – discipline is bigger than motivation.

If I give you my example, when I was preparing for GATE, I was so much disciplined that I used to complete a day’s task that I had set no matter what. Even if something urgent came up due to which I had to leave for college or for friends, even then I used to make sure that I achieve my day’s target by studying in the auto-rickshaw or or by sleeping less.

These targets cannot be achieved by motivation because when you will come home after a long, tiring day what you will see is your bed and your books. At this time obviously, you are not going to open

YouTube to see a motivational video, naturally, you will think that I should sleep for 2-3 hours and then I’ll study,

but we all know that after how many hours we will wake up once you go to bed.

Hence, motivation cannot save you from your daily mistakes, that’s why you need self-discipline in your life whether you need to crack an exam or even after cracking the exam like after 5 years when you will see life from a bigger perspective, you will realize that cracking the exam was nothing

the real challenges start now.

Self-discipline will help you get over those challenges, the vehicle of motivation cannot be driven by pushing real far.

My advice for you in this article is that please think about what I have said in this article,

try to understand it and implement it.

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